The Latest Dental Technology

The latest and best Dental Technology and Techniques in Long Grove

At Associated Dental Specialists of Long Grove, we are recognized not only for our esteemed dental team but also for our ability to provide some of the best Pediatric dental services in Long Grove using the best technology. We take pride in our ability to offer experienced dental care with a smile.

Our state-of-the-art materials and holistic techniques allow us to:

  • Create appliances that help improve your oral health
  • Reduce radiation exposure
  • Find and reverse cavities before they become large
  • Treat sleep apnea and bruxism
  • Treat TMJ (Jaw Joint Dysfunction)
  • Perform more thorough oral exams and procedures
  • Ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable dental experience
  • Prevent future oral health issues

Our specialized dental team members all share the belief that patient care always comes first. We strive to provide a dental experience that’s so great, it makes you look forward to visiting us again.

Performing Exceptional Services Is Our Pleasure

The DIAGNOdent

The DIAGNOdent (laser cavity detection unit) not only finds hidden cavities but also allows for their monitoring so that small cavities that can be re-mineralized do not have to be “filled”.

Transcutaneous Electronic Stimulation

Transcutaneous Electronic Stimulation can help manage discomfort from muscle spasms associated with Temporomandibular Dysfunction.

Singe Tooth Anesthesia

Singe Tooth Anesthesia is computer controlled and provides for precise and complete comfort for dental procedures.


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