Clinical Excellence in Children's Dentistry

Universally providing the correct shade for posterior composite restorations.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges confronting new dentists is the ongoing and increasing pressure to compromise on patient care. In the past, there were far fewer options, with silver amalgam or gold being the foremost restorative materials, followed by the advent of resin-based composite materials. Because of pioneers in adhesion principles, aesthetic dentistry was born, ushering in the age of true artistry in cosmetic dentistry, with journals depicting the many stunning possibilities in patient care. Sadly, not all of these procedures are covered by dental insurance policies, but patients do desire to have what appears to be a healthy and young dentition. Wanting to look attractive to their peers is often stated to be a motivating factor in the younger population. For instance, a traumatically fractured incisor normally prompts adolescents and young adults.