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Welcome to Associated Dental Specialists of Long Grove Website

Associated Dental Specialists of Long Grove specializes in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. The office is located in Long Grove just off the corner of Route 83 and across the street from Sunset Foods and CVS pharmacy, on the west side of Illinois 83. We are located in the Grove Medical Center, Suite 308, and set the GPS location to 4160 Illinois 83, Long Grove, IL., 60047. The office has been open for over 30 years upholding the highest standards in the dental practice. The combined experience of Drs. Cannon, Durbin, and Tylka provides the office with over 50 years of expertise.

New Videos! video
Be sure to view new videos that have recently been posted! Parents and patients take a tour of our office before your first visit in our office tour video. We also have a video featuring Dr. Cannon being interviewed by CBS News regarding Probiotics. A Must see video!

New information brochures are also available in the documents section for Dr.Cannon, Dr. Durbin, and Dr. Tylka.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your First Visit
Please try to arrive early for the first visit. We would like you to spend a few moments helping our staff enter the health questionnaire information into our Patient Care Software before we see your child. This is necessary if we are to provide the best possible care.

A Special Office
You will notice that the office is especially designed to make both parent and child feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you to feel free to ask any questions you may think of, and we're open to your suggestions or constructive comments. You can also give us a review of your experience with us online, email one of our dental assistants with comments or questions, or simply just let us know in person at your visit.

Emergency Care
Our office calls are answered 24 hours a day. Emergencies will be given prompt attention. Please don't hesitate to call us if you need our assistance.

For Special People
We only treat infants, children, adolescents , young adults and patients with special needs. The best possible care for your child requires special training and equipment. We wouldn't think of compromising our dedication to children. If you need a referral for adult dentistry, we will be glad to supply you with names of reputable general dentists. The office is also equipped to care for patients who are chronically ill or disabled.

Occasionally, consultation with other dental or medical specialists may be necessary. Our affiliations with Northwest Community Hospital, Northwestern University, Loyola University and Ann and Robert Lurie Children’s Hospital provides us with the finest health resources in the whole central region of the USA.

The most important goal of pediatric dentistry is prevention. With today's dentistry, often dental decay can be prevented. We will use every preventive measure to assure the least number of cavities for your child. The practice has been cutting edge in research, developing new technology and educating our peers in preventive care. Oral probiotics that inhibit the bacteria that produce dental cavities and periodontal disease are routinely used in children who are at risk. The Doctors and Staff are dedicated to proper diagnosis, using CAMBRA, Caries Management By Risk Assessment, whereas children and young adults who are at risk for disease are provided all the most modern and effective preventive measures. The practice also utilizes re-mineralization methods that reverse cavities with high calcium and phosphate adjuncts, reducing the need for restorations (fillings) of small cavities. Xylitol, a naturally occurring sugar that prevents cavities, is often provided to patients and proper instructions given. The Attention to the growth and development to your child's lower face and jaw is equally important. Many orthodontic problems can be prevented if diagnosed and treated early.

Our office appointment philosophy is simple. We will always attempt to be on time for you because we realize that your time is also important. However, due to emergencies, there may occasionally be a delay. We will try to contact you to allow you the option of arriving later or rescheduling. We require your land line, cell and e-mail information to do so. We never sell nor share any of your contact information with any third party, all contacts will be initiated by the office, although we may use a provider of patients communications to do so. If it appears that you may be late, please call us so we can accommodate everyone. Also, please allow us 24 hours notice for cancellations so that someone else may use that time. Repeated failures of scheduled appointments will force us to charge for the missed appointments in order to not increase our fees for all patients.

Our practice’s efficient administrative team will electronically file insurance claims for patient families that carry active dental insurance. We will accept your dental insurance reimbursement as payment when directed to the practice, and when necessary, will require your deductible and estimated non insurance portion at the time of service. For our families that do not have active dental coverage or coverage that will not reimburse the practice directly, we conveniently accept payment from all major credit cards, check, and cash. We also offer and accept Care Credit as form of payment, which is a third party financing option, to allow you to comfortably achieve the dental treatment your family needs.

Our office provides the most up to date orthodontic treatment with the same caring and devotion that is provided to our Pediatric Dental patients. Special need patients and adults are also treated by the Orthodontists in the practice.


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